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The Dog Witch

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natural and holistic dog care

Hi, I'm Lisa - The Dog Witch

You might be wondering what on earth a dog witch is?

Basically it's someone who works with nature in order to enable dogs to live life on their terms, whilst protecting their health as naturally as possible. 

Here at The Dog Witch a variety of natural methods are used to keep dogs fit and healthy.

As well as healing sick dogs when they need it most.

Dogs bodies are super receptive to holistic methods as they have no preconceived ideas.

Energy healing, massage and essential oils are excellent ways of naturally healing and protecting dog's health.

Herbs, crystals, incense and sound healing are all extremely beneficial too.

The Dog Witch's mission is to empower dog owners to take control of their dog's health and wellbeing with confidence.

Kes' Mum

I have known Lisa since my dog was a pup needing walked the days I was at work and knew instantly  I could trust her with my precious girl.  Fast forward a number of years and I was delighted to hear she had set up a natural dog products business. My now 13yr old dog has benefited hugely from a unique blend to help her with small fits and also the Flea/Tick Repellent. I have and will continue to 100% recommend Lisa to all my animal loving friends.

Breagha's Mum

We had a scary time when our dog had multiple seizures within a few days. Our vet wanted to put her straight onto medication, but we weren’t convinced this was the right route for us. We reached out to Lisa and the advice, tips and emotional support was exactly what we needed.  Lisa taught us the tools we needed to be able to carry on the treatments ourselves and empower us to do it correctly. We’ve had no further seizures (touch wood!) and we all now benefit from the relaxing time together after dinner and the oil blend seem to be working a treat.  Aside from Lisa helping in person, she has been a real support remotely - giving advice and encouragement to keep trying. I can’t thank you enough

Maisies' Mum

Last year, out of the blue my dog Maisie started to have fits. The vet started her on medication which helped. However before but especially after a fit Maisie gets very agitated, restless and paces about the room. Lisa from The Dog Witch recommended that I try putting golden paste and kefir through her food. After trying this for a few weeks I have noticed that Maisie is more relaxed. Although she still has to take medication both have definitely helped her.