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Why is it important to consult a professional for your dog’s health?

Getting Clear

Why is it important to consult a professiional for your dog’s health, is a super important question, which this Blog aims to answer.

Whilst Natural and holistic therapies are absolutely amazing for dogs, used incorrectly could lead to problems.

Understanding the science

Aromatherapy and blending of essential oils is pretty much a science.

More information on Aromatherapy can be found here:

If the oils are blended incorrectly or used in the wrong quantities this could lead to poisoning.

When using natural blends or holistic therapies for dogs, it is super important to consult a trained specialist in every occasion.

Dogs are family, so its important to consult a professional

Consulting a professional – getting it right

Undertaking massage or energy healing when not grounded or aligned can lead to mix ups with the energy.

Negative energy could be passed over, which may translate into behavioural issues for dogs, such as stress and anxiety.

It is therefore, important to consult a professional for the health of dogs when owners are unsure of what the best techniques may be.

Massage and Energy Healing require the exact techniques

Dogs can receive huge benefits from the use of essential oils when practiced safely.

Not all essential oils are safe to use for dogs or around the home, which is why it is always adviseable to seek the advice of a professional.

When essential oils are prepared or blended incorrectly, dogs can become very sick.

Even with a good knowledge of essential oils and their uses, unqualified practitioners can make mistakes.

It is always advised to seek out a qualified professional to avoid any well- meaning accidents.

Where to find safe natural products for dogs

The Dog Witch offers training in the form of at home healing courses for easy dog massage and energy healing.

There is also a full natural dog care range featuring everything from Flea and Tick Repellent to Joint Ease

Every product is hand blended to ensure safety and freshness, giving owners complete peace of mind.

Have questions?

It is hoped the question, why consult a professional for the health of youur dog? has been answered here

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