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Why choose Natural Products for Dogs?

Are natural products beneficial for dogs?

Dog owners all want to do the best, so let’s look at the reasons why to choose natural products for dogs.

The simple answer is that natural products are much kinder and gentler to dog’s bodies and boost their overall vitality.

Modern medicine is of course wonderful, however some of chemicals and additives can be harmful when used long term.

Some medications can also have bad side effects, so if there is a natural alternative it makes sense to use it instead.

The power of plant based products

Plant based medicines and remedies are much better for the planet.

For example adpoting a natural, plant based flea and tick repellent ( ) will provide effective protection for dogs.

There are however no harsh chemicals used in manufacturing.

Thus making this a perfect choice.

The product is kinder to dog’s bodies and poses no harm to the environment.

The Dog Witch’s range, is made with protecting the health of dogs and the planet in mind.

Every product is hand blended to ensure freshness and quality, giving owners peace of mind.

Packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable.

This is in order to protect the planet.

And a tree is planted for every order made to offset any carbon footprint.

The Art of Natural Healing

The art of natural healing

All The Dog Witch blends and holistic healing methods can be used and implemented in tandem with veterinary care and medication.

This dual apparoach, helps dogs relax and promote healing from the inside out, leading to happier and healtheir dogs overall.

Plant based medicine dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, although it is thought to be older than that.

These methods therefore, have been used for 1000’s of years.

If essential oils such as Myrrh and Lavender were good enough for the likes of Jesus and Cleopatra, then they are definitely good enough for dogs.

Why choose whole dog care

Why Choose The Dog Witch

With over 15 years experience working with dogs in a professional capacity and owning dogs throughout this time, WDC is placed in the perfect postion to offer advice and support to dog owners.

By introducing natural alternatives for dog health care, the mission is clear, to empower owners to take control of their dog’s health with confidence.

What type of natural products exist?

A range of every day care products for dogs as well as healing at home online courses are available.

Owners can learn, easy dog massage techniques and basic energy healing, which can be done at home.

These techniques build love and trust with dogs but they also do much more.

Practicing holistic therapies regularly on dogs protects their health. #

They also boost immune systems, promote natural healing within the body and ultimately reduce the risk of sickness.

Should dogs require a more bespoke service, the “Whole Dog” Assessment provides an overall analysis of dog’s health and wellbeing.

A tailored care plan is then devised for owners to work with, which is revised as often as required.

Why choose natural products for dogs, simply the lead to happy healtheir dogs overall

The Mind, Body and Spirit

Everything is connected and when looking at whether natural products are beneficial for dogs, this must also be considered.

Dogs experience the world through their sense of smell.

Therefore regular walks and adventures to new places will protect and boost their mental health.

The The Dog Witch, Dog Days Out Blog series provides tried and tested ideas for fantastic dog friendly days out

One particular favourite spot for dog lovers is Mugdock Country Park, also known as Doggy Heaven

Dogs are family

Dogs Are Family

Dogs are important members of the family, however they are not as lucky to live as long as humans.

It is therefore important for owners to feel supported and empowered to make the right choice when it comes to the health of their dogs.

Natural products aid the health of dogs


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