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Who is The Dog Witch and what difference can her methods make to the lives of dogs?

What is a modern-day witch anyway?

Looking to learn what exactly The Dog Witch is? The modern-day Witch is something different to everyone.

Traditionally Witches would have been Pagans or practitioners of Wicca, however, many modern-day Witches associate with neither, their practice is more aligned with their way of life. 

The Magick comes from how they live their lives and what they believe in, in order to make the Magick happen.  Find out more about what does it mean to be a modern witch?

What makes The Dog Witch different?

This is very true of The Dog Witch, traditionally practicing as a Kitchen Witch, her true calling came through her work with and love of dogs and nature. 

The Dog Witch has created something totally unique and extremely special. 

Lisa works with nature in older to help dogs heal and protect their bodies as naturally as possible. 

Working with essential oils, herbs, massage and energy healing she has devised a system which uses 100% natural methods to create an alternative for dogs. 

Placing dogs at the very heart of her practice, The Dog Witch aims to empower dog owners to take back control of their dog’s health. 

There are many ailments which can be treated without the use of chemicals or pharmaceuticals, which is not only kinder to the dog’s body overall but is also better for the planet and owner’s wallets. 

Every part of a dog’s body is connected, the mind, the body and the soul. 

As soon as one of these areas is out of alignment, that is when dis-ease can start to creep in, so it is important to treat the patient as a whole. 

Prevention is better than the cure

Lisa firmly believes that prevention is better than the cure, therefore the sooner dog owners start to protect their health, the better. No age is too young or old. 

Dogs in general are super receptive to massage and energy healing as they have no preconceived ideas, their bodies simply use the goodness where it’s needed. 

Using these types of therapies on dogs encourages their bodies to heal and repair from within. 

Often medications treat the symptoms of one ailment, however, do not account for side effects or other distress within the body, which is why these methods can also be super powerful as an addition to any ongoing treatment. 

What does the dog witch offer?

The Dog Witch has created a range of everyday natural dog care products from Flea and Tick Repellent right through to Joint Care.

She also teaches owners Easy Dog Massage and Energy Healing through heal at home courses, which allows the opportunity for deeper bonding between dogs and humans.

Staying true to her Witch roots Lisa regularly uses and recommends crystals, candles, incense, sound therapy and of course groundwork.

Treating the Whole Dog

The Dog Witch’s flagship work is with 121 sessions creating bespoke care plans for dogs who have particular ailments. 

This work involves a discovery session where the dog’s whole lifestyle will be assessed, everything from exercise and nutrition right through to medication and its effects on the body. 

A plan is then devised for the owner to work with; however, this is reviewed regularly. 

It is super important to establish trust and an ongoing relationship to enhance the dog’s quality of life. 

Adventure is the spice of life

Another addition to The Dog Witch’s work is the Dog Days Out series. 

Exercise and adventure are important not only for a dog’s physical wellbeing but also their mental and emotional wellbeing too. 

This Blog series aims to provide owners with already tried and tested days out ideas that they can take their dog on to have an amazing time together. 

So, whilst The Dog Witch may not at first blush look like the average practicing Witch, she certainly lives up to the principles! 

"Empowerment is at the heart of everything The Dog Witch stands for. "