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What is the difference between healing and curing?

The Debate

What is the difference between healing and curing?

This Blog aims to answer that very question.

There’s this age old debate of cure v heal, what does it mean?

Can holistic therapy actually make a difference, read on and find out.

What does it mean to cure or heal?

“To Cure – To make an animal healthy again after illness”

“To heal – To become healthy again or to restore health “

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Essentially both dictionary descriptions are the same, however in real life they work very differently. 

Healing a dog’s body is very different to curing an illness

Curing a dog of a physical ailment means the banishment of illness altogether, however to heal is not just physical. 

As well as physical improvements, healing means a strengthening of the mind and spirit.

This is in order to improve the quality of life, even when physical cure may not be possible. 

Healing is about more than just the physical

Healing in action

Cure is restorative, whilst healing is transformative. 

An example of this could be….

A dog is suffering from cancer, where only palliative care is available.

This dog will never be cured will never be cured of the condition, however they may be healed. 

By this we mean using forms on natural healing to improve their quality of life. 

Energy healing, massage, good quality nutrition, mental stimulation will ensure the dog has the best quality of life.

Whilst remaining pain free for as long as they have left. 

Similarly a dog with epilepsy may be healed using natural methods, without pharmaceuticals.

They will never be cured from the condition, however they can live a normal, long and happy life whilst remaining med free. 

Medication isn’t always the answer

As dogs get older they may experience arthritic style complaints.

Where it can be avoided medication is not always the first step.

Long term use of pain killers and steroids can cause complications in other areas of the body such as the liver. 

Its good to look at alternative healing forms

It is important to look at natural alternatives.

Essential oils, massage and energy healing can all reduce pain and inflammation.

Thus easing the joint issue. 

Healing can ease the most difficult of times

Dogs who are ready to cross the rainbow bridge can receive great comfort from energy healing, as can their owners. 

Using gentle energy can aid relaxation and allow the dog to be accepting of what is happening.

It can also provide huge comfort for the dog’s loved ones. 

At this stage obviously the dog will never be cured but healing can provide love and comfort when it is most needed. 

Healing provides comfort when it is most needed

Where to find healing processes

The Dog Witch fully understands the need for natural and holistic healing

Highlighting the difference between curing and healing for all dog owners.

The product range took 15 years perfecting in order to enable natural health care for dogs.

Every product is 100% natural and made with exact essential oil blends.

This ensures protection of the dog’s health and to enable healing to occur. 

The Easy Dog Massage and Energy Healing courses are designed to help owners take control of their dog’s health when they need you most.

They also help to to deepen the loving bond between owner and dog.

Full dog health check

The Doggy MOT is a one to one consultation whers the whole dog is assessed.

This gives owners the opportunity to receive bespoke care and advice for their dog’s needs.

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