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Dog Spa in a Box

Providing a helping paw with every order.

For every order placed, £1 is donated to the Greyhound Awareness League (GAL), and a tree is planted to offset Whole Dog's carbon foot (and paw!) print.

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Dog Spa in a Box


If you have a dog who loves to swim, wallow in mud or roll in poo, The Dog Witch’s Dog Spa in a Box is the ideal post walk saviour. 

This fantastic pack will have dogs squeaky clean and smelling amazing in no time. 

The Dog Spa includes:

  • Lemon and Vanilla dog shampoo – this will break down and eliminate any odours as well as protect dog’s coat and skin

  • Vanilla and Lavender dog bath bomb – as well as adding some fragrance to dog’s coats, this fun bath time addition will protect the skin and condition fur

  • Lavender bath pack – these natural lavender flowers will relax and sooth dog’s bodies, reduce any inflammation, reduce anxiety and help dogs sleep better

  • Stinky Dog Spray – post bath spray to ensure dogs stay smelling amazing for longer. This spray is packed with essential oils, lemon, lavender and vanilla to eliminate odours and protect dog’s skin and coat. 


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