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Dog Calming Spray

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Dog Calming Spray


The Dog Calming Spray is an excellent natural alternative for dogs who suffer from every day stressors or separation anxiety.

Modern life is busy and this can be tough for dogs who really just want the simple things life has to offer.

Some experience separation anxiety when left alone , others don’t travel well on any form of transport and some dogs just find life in general a bit much.

The dog calming spray is the ideal solution, free from any chemicals and harsh ingredients.

This comforting mix of natural essential oils will help dogs relax and self sooth.

It also reduces stress and helps dogs sleep more easily.

To use – Spray directly on to dog’s coat and around the home, room or car.

Ideally one hour before any event and then regularly every 2-3 hours.

It can also be diffused in a diffuser.

Ingredients – Lavender, Frankincense and vanilla essential oils, distilled natural spring water

10ml Spray Bottle


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