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Christmas Dog Massage Course

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Christmas Dog Massage Course


Easy Dog Massage is a simple course designed for dog owners to do at home with their dogs.

Massage is a wonderful way of connecting with dogs.

Not only does it help to protect their health and immune systems but the loving therapy increases the bond between owner and dog.

This course is a mix of written and video content which can be referred to again and again.

Included are all written and video materials, Palo Santo, Rose Quartz crystal and the The Dog Witch Calming Balm and Spray, which will be dispatched after purchase.

During this course participants will learn: 

  • How to ground and prepare the space before performing the massage
  • Introduction to the essential oils used in the The Dog Witch Calming Balm and Spray and their
  • The benefits of massage when performing the therapy
  • The The Dog Witch Easy Dog Massage Steps



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