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How to get rid of that stinky dog smell

How to get rid of that smelly dog smell

How to get rid of that smelly dog smell is the question dog owners everywhere want answered.

Taking the dog for a walk is no easy feat. e

Esepcially if they like to roll in goodness knows what or the weather takes a turn for the worse.

With the dog stinking like a sewer, something fast acting is needed. 

On these occasions there’s no time for a bath and unwanted odours will not be welcome in the house or car. 

Getting rid of the dog smell

The Dog Witch has the perfect solution to this problem.

The Stinky Dog Spray!

This fast acting all natural product has dogs smelling like they’ve just been for a spa day in seconds.

Stinky Dog spray is a blend of 100% natural but great smelling essential oils and distilled water. 

It breaks down and eliminates odours almost instantly.

The best bit is it’s chemical/ toxin free and is kinder to dog’s skin & fur.

Lemon essential oil is a key ingredient in this products

As when used in the correct quantities it is absolutely safe to use around dogs.

It is also great at breaking down smells, due to its antibacterial properties.

For more info on how to use lemon essential oil,clean%20scent%20in%20the%20air.

How to use stinky dog spray

Sprayed directly on to the dog’s coat and simply rubbed through with the fingers or a brush, the spray acts fast to refresh.

Thanks to the essential oils the spray also nourishes and promotes healthy growth of the fur. 

What else can stinky dog spray do?

This revolutionary spa in a bottle can also be used around the home and car in order to fully eliminate any lingering odours. 

It is recommened to avoid contact with the eyes and patch test near any soft furnishings.

Literally a little bottle of magic in your pocket for when disaster strikes. 

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Stinky Dog Spray eliminates that stinky dog smell in seconds

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