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Dog Days Out – Dog Friendly Adventures

Dog Days Out – Carbeth

Where to on on dog days out and have fun dog friendly adventures can sometimes be a quandry.

Fear not, The Dog Witch is here to save the day and provide plenty of fail safe ideas.

The Dog Days Out series aims to provide dog owners with tried and tested fantastic days out for their 4 legged friend. 

Let’s be friends – come join the dog friendly adventure

Now taking things one step further……..

Working from home or running a small business can sometimes be lonely

And business owners by nature can be guilty of not stopping to take a break. 

Whilst we appreciate dogs are absolutely wonderful, their chat isn’t great! 

So, The Dog Witch and Glasglow Girls Club have teamed up to bring the ultimate Netwalking adventure. 

Let’s get walking

Whether working from home or running a business, have a dog or not, these fantastic events are designed to get everyone out in the fresh air, amongst nature and actual humans! 

Come join us on a dog days out – dog friendly adventure.

Everything in the human body is connected, the mind, the body and the spirit

As soon as one of these elements is neglected, dis-ease invites itself in and the body starts to become unwell.

This is 100% the same scenario for dogs. 

How can a dog days out- dog friendly adventure help?

Spending too much time at a desk and giving the dog a quick scoot round the block at lunch time, isn’t doing anyone any good. 

Dogs need time to explore and sniff as that’s how they experience the world. 

Getting away from everything and spending some good quality time together will not only fill the cup of life, it will boost everyone’s mental health too. 

Building connection

Connecting with other people and dogs enhances everyone’s overall wellbeing.

Which means netwalkers are relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on any tasks that have been avoided (come on we all do it!) 

Netwalking boosts everyone’s mental health

Where do the Dog Days Out Adventures take place?

The first Netwalking event took place at one of The Dog Witch’s favourite walking spots, Carbeth.

Everyone parked at the St Mocha, Carbeth car park and crossed over the road.

This path and followed part of the John Muir trail following the purple way markers until just before The Whangie

Turning off the route to the right just before The Whangie and walking through the woods.

An amazing clearing comes through the trees showcasing breath-taking views of the surrounding hills.

Here is the perfect spot to stop for the dogs to have a rest and a water break before heading back.

Netwalking is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends

Feeling more adventurous?

For the more energetic netwalker and dog The Whangie is an excellent short climb.

The starting point at St Mocha can be reached by along the main road after.

Be mindful to keep dogs on lead as the road can be busy at times.

St Mocha is super dog friendly and has a “Dogs Menu” as well as a great range of food and drinks for humans.

The route (excluding The Whangie climb) is roughly 3.5 miles and should take arounf 1 hour 15 minutes to complete.

It is refreshing and uplifting to be out in nature with other people and dogs.

Who doesn’t love a dog days out, dog friendly adventure?!

This adventure including travel time was roughly 3 hours

The dogs had a fantastic time exploring and meeting new friends.

New smells keeps dogs mental health happy

Fancy coming along? Keep a look out for new dates for the Dog Days Out Adventures at

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Lisa, Zane and Zak

(Team WDC)

"Empowerment is at the heart of everything The Dog Witch stands for. "