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Dogs Days Out – Dog Friendly Adventures


The Dog Witch – The Dog Witch aims to provide owners with Dog Days Out – Dog Friendly Adventures.

This is aimed at caring for dogs as a whole, that is the mind, body and spirit.

If one of these areas is out of alignment, then dogs are at greater risk of inviting in unwanted illness.

Holistic and natural health care works exactly the same for dogs as it does humans.

Therefore, every aspect of their being must be cared for regularly, so their bodies don’t end up out of sync.

What does it mean to look after the mind, body and spirit?

Failing to protect the mind, body and spirit could see dogs become unhappy.

This could look like sort of depressed or dogs could become anxious when left alone.

Dogs are creatures of habit but they also love dog days out – dog friendly adventures.

Great days out, along with regular use of WDC’s daily natural dog health care products will leave dogs happy and full of vitality.

What will Dog Days Out – Dog Friendly Adventures look like?

This Blog series is designed to provide owners with tried and tested ides for adventures with their dogs.

Every detail is provided before setting off.

This includes location, terrain description, facilities available, photos and videos to enable adventureres to plan ahead.

Be prepared

It is important to be as prepared as possible when heading for a day out with dogs.

Here is a list of everything required to ensure a successful day out…….

  • Your Dog!
  • Rucksack
  • Lead and a harness if you use one ( examples of good harnesses can be found here:
  • Poo bags
  • Extra bag to place poo bags/rubbish in, incase there isn’t a bin – please always look after the environment and take any rubbish home
  • Small emergency first aid kit
  • The Dog Witch’s Stinky Dog Spray ( )
  • Towels for cleaning mucky paws
  • Change of clothes for yourself (you’ve no idea how many times we underestimate falling or landing in a bog!)
  • Water for humans and dogs
  • Collapsible water bowl
  • Snacks for both humans and dogs
  • Phone with camera to capture your adventures and don’t forget to tag @wholedogcare on Instagram!
  • App or tracking on your phone, so you can be found if the weather suddenly takes a turn or you accidentally go the wrong way
  • Some money incase you want to get a well-deserved coffee after your adventure

The above list is not exhaustive, however these are the must haves.

Who are the adventures designed for?

The Dog Days Out – Dog Friendly Adventures are designed to suit dogs of all ages and abilities.

This gives owners and dogs confidence to try somewhere new and exciting, whilst taking care of the mind, body and spirit.

See you on the next Blog

Lisa, Zane and Zak xx (Team WDC)

"Empowerment is at the heart of everything The Dog Witch stands for. "