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Dog Days Out Adventure | Cadder Wharf & Clyde Canal Dog Walk

Lets get ready to explore

Let’s get ready for another engaging and exciting dog walk for those on four and two legs alike! This Dog Days Out adventure takes place starting from Cadder Wharf in Bishopbriggs, makes its way along the River Kelvin before looping back along the Forth and Clyde Canal. (Scottish Canals | Cadder Wharf)

Getting out and about with your dog on a walk is one of the most special things you can do together, however it can be tricky coming up with ideas of where to go. 

That’s why The Dog Witch, Dog Days Out Adventure series is perfect, as dog owners are provided with tried and tested days out and dog walking routes, so they know the lowdown before heading out. 

Variety is the Spice of Life

Caring for a dog’s mental wellbeing is just as important as caring for their physical body. 

Sniffing is how dogs experience the world, so offering them as many different opportunities to sniff and explore new areas will make them very happy indeed and boost their mental health. 

Getting Started

Cadder Wharf is situated on the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal in Bishopbriggs, close to Cadder Golf Club and Cadder Church. 

The terrain for this loop is fairly flat, so good for adults and kids alike, however it would not be recommended to take smaller children in pushchairs. 

Appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather is recommended. 

There are no facilities along the way, so be prepared to carry poop bags and take water and snacks. 

Strathkelvin Retail park is just a short drive away where there are coffee shops with toilet facilities etc, please bear in mind however that none of these are dog friendly at the time of writing (Strathkelvin Retail Park, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow –

Where to go

The adventure starts at Cadder Wharf and turns up the hill towards the Church, then making its way down the path along the edge of the golf course. 

When the River Kelvin is reached at the end of the golf course path, walkers should turn left and continue along the riverbank. 

Eventually walkers will come to a field, which has right of access along the edge (please bear in mind that this is a working farm so it is advisable to keep dogs on lead here)

Continue on this path until a hill at a small wooded area becomes visible, there is a very short but steep climb, which eventually leads to the canal bank. 

Walkers should turn right and walk along the canal, which will lead back to the starting point at Cadder Wharf. 

Points of Note

This walk offers stunning views of the local countryside, as well as the Campsie Hills. 

There are many opportunities to take in wildlife including birds, deer and farm animals, however care should be taken to avoid worrying any animals in their natural habitat. 

The loop detailed is roughly 2.5 miles and takes around 1 hour to complete, which includes time to take in the surroundings and stop for photo opportunities etc. 

Please take care

Both the River Kelvin and the Forth and Clyde canal can be deep in places, it is not advisable for humans to swim and if dogs are keen on the water, please ensure that safety is maintained at all times.

Best products to take

As this walk is in Scotland, the weather can be awful at any time of the year, so its best to be prepared. The Dog Witch, Stinky Dog Spray (Stinky Dog Spray ( )is ideal to refresh stinky dog coats and cars after an adventure.

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