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Dog Days Out Adventure: Auchinstarry and Silvanus at Nethercroy

If you are looking for a dog’s day out adventure but to take in some local history too, then this one is for you.

The Scenic Walk from The Boathouse in Auchinstarry, explores Nethercroy Woods and the Forth and Clyde Canal. 

Delightfully combining natural beauty, historical intrigue, and serene canal-side paths, providing the backdrop for a great day out with dogs. 

This journey offers a rich blend of picturesque scenery, lush woodlands, and fascinating historical landmarks.

Starting Point: The Boathouse, Auchinstarry

This adventure begins at The Boathouse, a charming restaurant and pub located in the heart of Auchinstarry Marina. 

This spot is not just a great place to enjoy a meal or a drink, it also serves as a perfect starting point for various outdoor activities. 

With stunning views of the marina and the surrounding countryside, it is the perfect place to feel energised for the day out ahead.

Nethercroy Woods

From The Boathouse, head south, along the canal towards the entrance of Nethercroy Woods. The path is well-marked and easy to follow. (there are dog waste bins located here) 

As explorers enter the woods, they are greeted by a rich canopy of trees and a variety of wildflowers. 

The woodland trails are well-maintained, making them accessible for walkers of all abilities.

The tranquillity of Nethercroy Woods provides a perfect escape from everyday life.  

The soothing sound of nature only serves to enhance the peaceful atmosphere.

It is acceptable for well-behaved dogs to be off lead once free of the canal, however the rules of the countryside should be adhered to at all times.

The Roman Warrior Head – Silvanus

Continue up the hill and along the main trail until the beaconing head of the Roman Warrior Silvanus comes in to view.

This striking sculpture is a significant landmark, reflecting the area’s rich historical connection to the Roman Empire. 

The artwork is not only a beautiful piece to behold but also serves as a reminder of the historical depth that characterises this region.

Returning – via the Forth and Clyde Canal

After visiting Silvanus, walkers should make their way back via the other side of the Forth and Clyde Canal. 

The path is clearly marked and easy to navigate. 

Once the canal is reached , turn left to begin the leisurely walk back towards Auchinstarry.

The canal path is flat and well-maintained, making it an ideal route for a relaxed stroll. 

Walkers can enjoy the calm waters and watch for passing boats. 

The canal is a haven for wildlife, such as ducks, swans, and other aquatic creatures. 

The path offers a peaceful ambiance, with the gentle sounds of water and the occasional rustle of leaves.

Back to the Boathouse

Continue along the canal until you arrive back at Auchinstarry Marina and The Boathouse, completing the loop.

Points of Interest

Wildlife Watching – Both Nethercroy Woods and the canal are rich with wildlife. Binoculars are advised to enjoy bird watching or simply keep an eye out for animals along the way. 

 Historical Landmarks – Besides the Roman Warrior head Silvanus, the area has several other historical points of interest related to the canal and Roman history, which can be found on boards located around the marina and walk. 

Footwear – While the paths are generally well-maintained, some areas in Nethercroy Woods might be uneven or muddy, wear appropriate footwear to ensure a comfortable walk.- Amenities – The Boathouse offers all the amenities needed, including restrooms, food, and drinks, making it a convenient place to start and end the adventure.

Amenities – The Boathouse offers all the amenities needed, including restrooms, food, and drinks, making it a convenient place to start and end the adventure. Some areas are dog friendly meaning everyone can enjoy a post walk treat together. 

If you fancy embarking on this adventure with your dog, more details can be found at The Dog Witch Social Facebook Group, here you can find full details of our exact route and some photos of what to expect.

We’d love to have you join our gang

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