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Case Study 5 – Natural Dog Care in Action


In order to fully understand natural dog care we must see real life examples, this case study 5 – natural dog care in action aims to provide this.

Breagha, a Boston Terrier was suffering from epilepsy and was experiencing cluster seizures.

The seazures were taking their toll on Breagha’s energy and were making her very distressed.

Her owners were keen to avoide medication as they were aware that this would be lifelong for Breagha.

What to do……

Following the initial consultation with the Dog Witch, it was agreed that Breagha would try a bespoke calming essential oil blend. ( see the full The Dog Witch range here: )

This blend contained essential oils which would reduce the symptoms which brought on seizures.

The oils would also reduce the effects on Breagha’s body and help her to heal from within.

Both in person and distanced energy healing was performed on Breagha, as well as some easy dog massage.

Breagha’s family were taught how to perform the massage, so she would have continious care.

Going from strenth to strength

Breagha responded well to the initial treatment and it was decided that she would also take Golden Paste

CDB oil was introduced to Breagha’s diet as this would help to protect her health and body overall.

Breagha has continued to stay fit and healthy, with her owners reporting no seizures since she started the care plan.

The care plan is regularly monitored and tweaked where necessary to ensure Breagha continues to live life on her terms.

Any Questions?

It is hoped that this case study 5 -natrural dog care in action highlights the benefits of natural dog care.

Should you have any questions, please reach out:

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