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Case Study 4 – Natural Dog Care in Action


In order to fully understand natural dog care, we must show real life examples, this case study 4 – natural dog care in action, aims provide just that.

Kes’s Mum sought the advice of the Dog Witch due to her suffering from seizures.

Althout it was evident that Kes had some neuroligical complaint, the vet was unsure what this was.

Natural care is key

Given that Kes was a senior lady, her owner was dubious about putting her through the stress scans and invasive treatment.

A lover of holistic therapy herself Kes’s owner wanted to explore more natural treatments.

Following the initial consultation a bespoke essential oil blend was created.

It was hoped this would keep the seizures at bay and it was agreed that Kes would continue to use Golden Paste.

For More information on Golden Paste see here: ( )

What else could we try

Kes immediately started to improve with the use of the bespoke blend.

Her owners reported no seizures at all and that Kes was back to her usual happy self.

Given the success of this care plan, Kes’s owners decided to use more of the The Dog Witch natural dog range ( )

Kes’s family have declared that they would simply not be without WDC’s natural blends for their girl.

Still going strong

At 14 years young Kes continues to live life on her terms and still enjoys walks and snuggling.

The Dog Witch’s methods and the positive adaptation of the proposed care plan by her owners, have helped Kes’s body to continue to heal from within.

Can natural care help your dog

It is hoped that this case study 4- natural dog care in action, has demonstrated how natural remedies can aid the health of dogs.

If however there are still unanswered questions, please reach out:

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