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Case Study 3 – Natural Dog Care in Action


To fully understand the Dog Witch’s methods we must see real life examples, this case study 3 – natural dog care in action aims to provide such evidence.

Maisie, a 13 year old black lab is believed to have a brain tumour.

Her owner’s sought the Dog Witch’s advice as they believed the medication provided was counteractive to Maisie’s symptoms.

It was also felt that she was becoming quite distressed.

What could be done?

Given Maisie’s age and health condition, it was agreed by the Vet and her owners that palliative care was the best option. (see details on palliative care here: )

As Maisie was suffering from seizures, he owners were looking for a natural remedy.

It was hoped that natural care would keep the sizures at bay and ease any distress.

Following the consultation with the Dog Witch, it was agreed that Maisie would be cared for with a bespoke claming blend.

This would be diffused around the home and massaged on the pads of her paws.

Energy healing both in person and distanced was performed too, initially by the Dog Witch and then Maisie’s family took over.

(See details of the Dog Witch’s heal at home courses here:

A new lease of life!

Within a week of starting her bespoke care plan, Maisie seemed to have a new lease of life.

She was steadier on her paws and was enjoying going for short walks again.

Maisie also had a renewed sense of vitality.

Her owners were delighted that the seizures became less frequent and she stopped the distressed barking at night.

These methods helped Maisie’s body to heal from within.

Whilst it was not able to cure her condition it did give her a sense of peace and a good quality of life.

Maisie’s family continued with her treatment for over 18 months before she passed peacefully in her Mum’s arms.

Maisie’s care plan gave her a good quality of life and pace
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