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Case Study 2 – Natural Dog Care in Action


In order to fully understand how natural dog care works, real life examples must be provided, here in this case study 2 – natural dog care in action will be highlighted.

O’Malley a Cocker Spaniel pup, at just 2 weeks old he was gravely unwell and the vet’s advice was to put him to sleep.

Distressed his owner contacted The Dog Witch – The Dog Witch for advice.

The first few weeks of a pup’s life is crucial

The first few weeks of a pup’s life can be crucial, especially if they take unwell.

O’Malley was displaying a few concerning issues.

He was struggling to feed from his mum and was having digestive issues.

O’Malley was also unable to go to the toilet on his own.

His back paws seemed very weak and his eyes were still closed unlike his brothers and sisters.

Immediate action was needed

At the point of consultation, O’malley was very lethargic and was being bottle fed.

Given his age, fast acting treatmemt was required in order to give him the best possible chance.

Immediately it was agreed to give O’malley course of probiotics and CBD oil, which he would take twice per day.

A bespoke blend of essential oils was provided and O’Malley’s owner was taught to massage this into his body.

This would allow the oils to enter the bloodstream and stimulate healing of the body from within.

Energy healing was performed both in person and distanced.

Natural healing in action

By day two of the bespoke care plan, O’malley was showing significant improvement.

He was like a different dog, his eyes were open, he was animated with his humans, licking and snuggling.

Although still being bottle fed, he was able to feed from his Mum too and he managed to go to the toilet all on his own.

Day three, saw even more improvement in vitality and energy levels.

He was feeding from Mum and holding his own with his brothers and sisters and also interacting with them.

And he was trying to use his back paws.

Days 4-7 of natural healing in action

Over the course of the week O’Malley continued to improve.

The Strength continued to improve in his back paws and by day 7 he could stand independently for a while but was uable to walk.

He was eating solid food and taking milk from his mum directly and holding his own with his brothers and sisters.

There were no further issues going to the toilet as O’Malley was now doing bowel movements on his own.

He was also starting to act like a normal puppy, lots of social interaction and was trying to bark!

Going from Strength to Strength

By day 14 there were even more improvements in O’Malley’s health and wellbeing

He was able to stand on all 4 paws with some walking although back paws were still a little weak.

Over the course of the first year of O’Malley’s life, WDC and his owners liaised regarding his care plan and tweaked it when necessary.

O’Malley does have Hip Dysplasia, (,the%20femur%20or%20thigh%20bone). however this does not hold him back in anyway and there is no requirement for corrective surgery.

The The Dog Witch Joint Ease and Calming Balm is used to keep O’Malley’s joints supple and flexible and he receives regular massage to ensure he stays pain free.

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