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Case Study1- Natural Dog Care in Action

In order to fully understand how the Dog Witch’s methods work, here is case study 1 – natural dog care in action.

It is important to provide real life accounts of the natural healing methods providing benefits to the health of dogs.


Natural dog care in action – Ziggy’s story

Here is Ziggy’s story…….

Ziggy had an episode of what’s called Older Dog Vestibular Disease.

This illness presents itself very much like a stroke in dogs.

Ziggy became quite disorientated and lost the use of his paws and also had a slight tilt to his neck, he looked in a pretty bad way.

Not all medical advice is good

On arriving at the vet, Ziggy was examined by a junior practitioner who advised that Ziggy could stand if he wanted but just didn’t fancy it.

She then went on to diagnose dementia.

This was completely baffling to Ziggy’s family, considering what they just witnessed him experience.

The distress and confusion Ziggy was going through was clearly etched on his face.

A senior vet concluded ODVD and advised that the next 24-48 hours were crucial.

Further information regarding this illness can be found here:

Hospitalisation sometimes does more harm than good

Ziggy was admitted for overnight observation, however his family were aware he would not be pleased about this.

Being a big gentle soul, who was used to home comfrots, this would not be an easy stay.

The following morning there had been little change and Ziggy was having to use a sling under his back paws to be carried out for the toilet.

Upon a visit to the vet later that day, it was advised that the best course of action would be to consider end of life for Ziggy.

This was devastating news, so it was suggested that Ziggy be brought home to try natural remedies.

Natural Dog Care in Action

A bespoke care plan was put in place for Ziggy

A bespoke care plan for Ziggy was put in place by the Dog Witch.

This included diffusing a healing essential oil blend continuously throughout the home, a full body massage and energy healing sessions.

( Details of the healing at home courses can be found here:

Within a 24 hour period, aside from the slight head tilt, Ziggy was pretty much back to normal.

Ziggy’s family continued with this treatment for the next 4 weeks and by the end of this time, he was back to full health.

Natural healing prolonged Ziggy’s life

Throughout the remainder of Ziggy’s life natural health care remedies kept him full of vitality and pain free.

Ziggy lived to the ripe old age of 16 years and 10 months and was the best companion a human could ever have.

Ziggy lived a long and happy life

How can natural dog care help

Hopefully this case study has highlighted that there are alternative care plans for dogs, even when all hope seems lost.

If there are still unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to reach out

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