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Can Massage Aid Arthritis In Dogs?

If a dog has arthritis, it may be worth exploring whether massage can help manage the condition.

This Blog is intended to answer the question of whether massage can aid arthritis in dogs?

How can massage aid arthritis?

Massage is an amazing tool and has so many health benefits for dogs.

It has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine.

Ultimately done properly and consistently, massage can prolong the patient’s lifespan.

Dogs don’t have preconcieved ideas

Dogs are very receptive to massage as they have no pre-conceived ideas like humans do.

Their bodies simply know it feels good and uses the energy to repair where needed.

Massage keeps dogs fit and healthy, easing joint pain

What’s the massage process?

Dog massage therapy provides a huge host of health benefits.

It is especially useful for those dogs who suffer from joint issues, poor mobility and arthritis.

Massage increases circulation within the dog’s body.

This is important as it aids the tissues and muscles which have been damaged due to joint degeneration.

Under the dog’s skin there is a fascia, like a large spider web, which can become tight, stiff and painful over time.

During massage, the fascia can be manipulated and moved, so that it becomes loose and pain eases.

Massage relaxes dogs and eases arthritis

Gently soothing the joints and muscles within the dog’s body during massage allows for tension and inflammation to reduce.

Thus easing pain and improving mobility.

Can Essential Oils help Arthritis?

If the massage is coupled with the use of essential oils, this will only serve to increase the benefits received.

Essential oils are nature’s medicine and are a fantastic way of treating conditions like arthritis in dogs.

Oils such as lavender and frankincense have huge medicinal properties and can naturally ease joint pain without the prolonged use of pharmaceuticals.

Massage relieves pain in joints and allows them dog to relax

Where to learn dog massage for arthritic dogs

Massage sessions can be expensive so it’s important that owners have overall control of their dog’s health and wellbeing.

The Dog Witch’s Easy Dog Massage course is designed to do in the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

It teaches owners how to effectively carry out an easy massage therapy session on their dog.

There is a combination of written and video tutorials, which can be referred to again and again.

Meaning not only will there be health improvements but owners will save money in the long run.

The ultimate best part (other than dogs being more mobile and in less pain) is that this gentle activity will strengthen the loving bond shared between owner dog.

Arthritic dogs can live a full life when massage is used to relive pain in the joints

What you need to learn dog massage

No massage can be complete without a dog massage oil.

Everything is therefore provided to get started upon purchase of the Easy Dog Massage Course.

This includes the signature calming balm.

WDC Calming Balm aids massage and relieves sore joints

Hand made with a specific blend of essential oils, this balm will sooth aching joints and muscles.

It reduces inflammation and pain and it allows dogs to completely relax, ultimately promoting healing within the body.

For dogs suffering from arthritis, joint issues or poor mobility, there is no doubt that dog massage therapy will improve their quality of life.

Even if medication is required for a specific condition, massage can still provide huge benefits.

This holistic therapy works well in tandem with medical treatments.

Another thing to add in to a dog’s diet in order to maintain healthy joints is Salmon Oil. this along with massage will ease the symptoms of arthritis.

A great value for money salmon oil is:

A happy pain free dog is what every owner strives for, as dogs are family.

Dogs live life on their terms when we introduce massage

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