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Can Energy Healing Benefit your Dogs Health?

Can energy healing benefit the health of your dog?

This Blog aims to provide dog owners with the answer to that question and outline the benefits of this fantastic holistic therapy. 

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What is Energy Healing? Can dogs benefit from energy healing?

Energy healing is a gentle non-invasive treatment where the practitioner transfers healing energy to the patient through their hands in order to restore the energy balance and overall health and wellbeing. 

It is an ancient Chinese healing technique which has been used for health protection for thousands of years. 

Dogs respond particularly well to energy healing as they have no pre-conceived ideas, their bodies are super receptive and allow the energy to flow wherever it is needed. 

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The Holistic Approach 

At The Dog Witch a holistic approach to dog’s health and wellbeing is very much at the core of all the products and services. 

Dedicated to providing innovative health care for dogs and empowering owners to take charge, The Dog Witch has developed its own unique take on this fantastic therapy and adapted it to suit the very needs of dogs. 

Every Dog Witch session offers Dog Energy Healing with Sound Therapy, creating a gentle yet powerful holistic treatment designed to foster overall wellness, alleviate stress, and support emotional and physical healing in dogs.

The Dog Witch comes to you, as it is recognised that dogs are more comfortable and respond better in their own surroundings. 

This means that owners too receive the benefits of the healing practice.

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What benefits can dogs experience from Energy Healing

Dogs can experience many benefits from Energy Healing, which include: 

  • Removing toxins from the body
  • Promoting overall health
  • Encouraging internal healing
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Providing natural pain relief
  • Supporting emotional wellbeing
  • Instilling a sense of calm and love

This list is not exhaustive and the experience for every dog will be different as there are many elements to consider such as breed, age, size and gender. 

Every dog will experience their own bespoke benefits from a Dog Witch energy healing session. 

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Why combine Sound Therapy with Energy Healing for Dogs?

Starting the session with sound therapy allows dogs to become calm and settle so that the magic can take place. 

Paired with energy healing, sound therapy offers an indulgent experience for dogs, whilst providing potent benefits. 

This combined approach enhances the therapeutic effects, making it an ideal treat for dog’s overall health and well-being and is truly unique to The Dog Witch. 

Further information on the service provided by The Dog Witch, can be found here.

Energy Healing for Dogs: Conclusion

Energy Healing can be a powerful tool in the overall protection of dog’s health and well-being. 

It can provide some fantastic benefits whilst remaining gentle and non-invasive, making it a perfect choice for nervous dogs or those who do not like to be touched. 

We hope you found this insightful and look forward to working with you and your dog, should you choose to book as session. 

See you on the next Blog

Lisa and Zak xx

Team – The Dog Witch

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