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At Home Healing

Award winning Holistic and Natural dog products

Empowering dog owners to take control

At home healing is less scary and much easier than it sounds, which is why The Dog Witch aims to help every owner try it out.

As a Dog Witch empowering dog owners to take control of their dog's health is at the heart of everything The Dog Witch stands for.

At home healing increases the loving bond between owner and dog and its simple to get started.

The easiest way to protecting dog's health naturally is through massage and energy healing.

Dog's bodies are very receptive to these therapies as they have no preconceived ideas.

And they enjoy the gentle loving care that comes from both treatments.

With this in mind The Dog Witch has developed easy online courses for owners.

These courses are a mix of written and video content that can be referred to again and again.

Both include supporting products, which are included in the cost the course.

These will be dispatched soon after purchase but there is immediate access to the videos and guides.

This gives dog owners the opportunity to start the natural dog care journey with confidence and at a comfortable pace.