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5 ways having a dog can improve your life

Having a dog as a companion is one of thebiggest privileges, here are 5 ways having a dog can improve your life.

Dogs bring so much love and joy on a daily basis, however there are many, many other benefits and here are the the top five.

Number 1

Dogs force us to get outside.

Unless they’re super clever and have been trained to use the bathroom, then they need out for the toilet.

Whether feeling like it or not, it is the owner’s duty to ensure dogs are walked daily.

It is not only a basic need but it’s also a dog’s opportunity to experience the world.

Walking is good for dogs’ overall health, spiritually, physically and mentally.

It also good the health of owners too.

The exercise, fresh air, sunshine (when it does come out in the UK) and scenery lifts the mood and allows thoughts and feelings to be processed.

Walking outdoors impoves mental health

Number 2

Cuddling and stroking dogs can be a huge stress reliever.

By nature dogs know when humans are sad/ worried etc and they will automatically try to make them feel better.

This is why many dogs are used as therapy pets.

Spending time with and stroking a dog has proven to reduce stress and anxiety, which is good for overall health and wellbeing.

Being stroked and cuddled is also good for dog’s mental wellbeing too, it releases chemicals, which leave them with feelings of safety and love.

Cuddling relieves stress

Number 3

It’s a no brainer this one but can anyone be loved or adored more than by a dog?

The evidence says no!,dogs%20that%20change%20us%20forever.

The loving bond created with dogs, only serves as a positive for everyone.

It creates a feeling of safety and loyalty.

Knowing that someone is always there is a very special feeling and in return owners ensure thier dog’s safety, health and wellbeing in all forms.

Number 4

Dogs give humans purpose, a reason to get up in the morning and to be alive.

Knowing that adog depends on us is a very powerful motivator.

During tough days dogs give the boost required to get through whatever the problem may be.

It is also an amazing feeling knowing someone is there for us unconditionally.

Dogs give unconditional love

Number 5

Having a dog helps with organisation and to and establish routines.

These things are again are good for overall wellbeing, as having a clear plan prevents overwhelm and burn out.

Getting through tasks and life methodically improves mental health and reduces stress levels.

Dogs are creatures of habit, so they expect to be walked and fed regularly.

Most have an inbuilt clock and know exactly when these things should happen each day.

This means that relaxation can be enjoyed even more when all the hard work is done.

Relaxation is important too

Having a dog significantly improves your life in many ways, so get all of the dogs!

How can you protect your dog’s health?

Dogs live very short lives, therefore it is impotant to protect their health as natutally as possible.

The WDC natural dog care product range enables owners to do this, see full list here

Take care and see you on the next Blog

Lisa, Zak and Zane xxx (Team WDC)

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